Australian Folklore Australia Davey G / Seal G HOW 1  
A Dictionary of old Trades, Titles and Occupations   Waters Colin HOW 2  
      HOW 3  
      HOW 4  
Local History in Australia   Greeves, P HOW 5  
Tracing Your Family Tree   Puttock, A G HOW 6  
British Family History Book     HOW 7  
Burke's Introduction to Irish Ancestry Ireland   HOW 8  
      HOW 9  
      HOW 10  
Discovering Your Family History   Steel, Don HOW 11  
      HOW 12  
      HOW 13  
A History of Scotland  (2) Scotland McClelland, J HOW 14  
      HOW 15  
Guide to Genealogical Sources Australia & NZ Aust/NZ   HOW 16  
In Search of Ancestry   Hamilton/Edwards HOW 17  
German Family Research Made Simple German Conrad, J HOW 18  
      HOW 19  
      HOW 20  
Tracing Your Family History in Australia   Vine-Hall, Nick HOW 21  
      HOW 22 guide to SA historical research
Italian Family Research Italy Conrad, J HOW 23  
How to Write Your Own Life Story   Daniel, L HOW 24  
      HOW 25  
Handy Guide to Italian Genealogical Record Italy Preece, PPFS HOW 26  
The Ancestral Trail in Ireland Ireland Begley, DF HOW 27  
From Shamrock to Wattle Ireland McLaughlin, T HOW 28 Digging up your Irish Ancestors
      HOW 29  
Irish Genealogy Ireland Begley, DF HOW 30 a record finder
This Ancestory Business     HOW 31 a beginner's guide to genealogy
Writing a Family History   Meadley, Dom HOW 32  
A Guide to Irish Research  (2) Ireland Reakes, Janet HOW 33  
Genealogical Textbook   Reakes, Janet HOW 34 Tracing ancestry in Eng,Scot,Ire,Wales, Aust
Leaves On the Family Tree   Reakes, Janet HOW 35  
The A to Z Genealogical Handbook  (2)   Reakes, Janet HOW 36  
A History of Ireland Ireland McClelland, J HOW 37 a guide to tracing your convicts and immigration
St Catherine's House Guide (2)   McLaughlin, E HOW 38  
The Census 1841-1881   McLaughlin, E HOW 39  
Interviewing Elderly Relatives   McLaughlin, E HOW 40  
Wills before 1858   McLaughlin, E HOW 41  
Somerset House Wills from 1858   McLaughlin, E HOW 42  
Annals of the Poor   McLaughlin, E HOW 43  
      HOW 44  
How to Write Your Own Life Story     HOW 45  
Illegitimacy   McLaughlin, E HOW 46  
Introducing Scottish Genealogical Research Scotland   HOW 47  
Handbook on Irish Genealogy  Ireland   HOW 48  
      HOW 49  
In Search of Your German Roots German Baxter, Angus HOW 50  
How to Write and Publish Your Family History   Beaumont, J HOW 51  
A Beginner's Guide to the IGI   Baker, Wendy HOW 52  
       HOW 53  
Family History Congress Papers 1988 Sydney   HOW 54  
Relations in Record  (2)     HOW 55 a guide to family history sources in Australian ar
In Search of Your British and Irish Roots   Baxter, Angus HOW 56  
The Library     HOW 57 a guide to the LSD family history library
Simple Latin Latin   HOW 58  
      HOW 59  
Kith and Kin  (2)     HOW 60 sources for family history
Sources of Victoria's Heritage   Bowe, M HOW 62  
Series Lists: State Record Office SA (folder) South Australia   HOW 63  
A Guide to the Public Records of Tasmania(sec1) Tasmania   HOW 64  
A Guide to the Public Records of Tasmania(sec2)     HOW 65  
A Guide to the Public Records of Tasmania(sec3)     HOW 66 Hobart convict department
A Guide to the Public Records of Tasmania(sec4)     HOW 67 Hobart free immigration
Writing a Family History   Meadley, Dom HOW 68  
The Local Historian's Encyclopedia   Richardson, J HOW 69  
      HOW 70  
Sources For South Australian Family History     HOW 71  
Roots and Branches   Lea/Scarlett HOW 72  
      HOW 73  
      HOW 74  
      HOW 75  
PRO- SA: A guide to records relating to women Vol 1  - 5   HOW 76 1860-1865
Personal Notice -Register Newspaper (vol 1-3)+ ind   Butler/Phillips HOW 77 1836-1859
Personal Notice -Register Newspaper (vol 1-3)+ ind   Butler/Phillips HOW 78  
Tracing Your English Family Tree  (2) England Reakes, Janet HOW 79  
Dating Family Photos  1850-1920   Frost, Lenore HOW 86  
Help! I'm Stuck in Australia Australia Reakes, Janet HOW 87  
      HOW 88 1866-1870
Family & Local History   Meadley, Dom HOW 89  
Cops and Robbers   Harris/Presland HOW 90  
6th Congress: Our Heritage in History (2)     HOW 91  
Local Family History Sources in Tasmania Tasmania Bartlett, A M HOW 92 a guide to their location  2nd ed
Bishop's Transcripts & Marriage Licences (2)   Gibson, J HOW 93 where to look for wills
Probate Jurisdictions   Gibson, J HOW 94  
Tutor & Stuart Muster Rolls   Gibson, J HOW 95  
Hand List of Leicestershire Bishop's Transcripts   Smith, M HOW 96  
Tracing Your Family History in Australia  (2)   Kyle, Noeline HOW 97  
The Dictionary of Genealogy   Fitzhugh, TV HOW 98 a guide to family history sources for Aust & NZ
Searching Overseas   Pedersen, C HOW 99 a guide to records held by Australian archives
Lighthouses in Australia     HOW 100  
      HOW 101  
      HOW 102  
Parish Registers Part 2     HOW 103  
Parish Registers  Copies     HOW 104  
      HOW 105  
Newspapers Local     HOW 106  
      HOW 107  
      HOW 108  
      HOW 109  
      HOW 110  
My Ancestors Were Quakers   Milligan/Thomas HOW 111  
      HOW 112  
Digging For Gold  (2) Victoria Harris, H D HOW 113  
History of Germany Germany McClelland, J HOW 114  
South Australian Biography Sources  (2) South Australia Peake, A G HOW 116  
Sources for South Australia  (2) South Australia Peake, A G HOW 118  
      HOW 119 a genealogist guide 1992
      HOW 120 a guide to family history resources
Ancestors in Archives 2nd Edition SA South Australia   HOW 121  
A General Guide to Archives at Aust War Memorial   Piggott, M HOW 122  
Bibliographies of Military Histories Aust War Memo   McPherson, P HOW 123 a guide
 Personal Family &Official Papers of Bean, CEW     HOW 124  
Directory of Parish Registers Indexed in Ireland Ireland   HOW 126  
Directory of Irish Genealogy     HOW 127  
      HOW 128  
      HOW 129  
Copyright Act 1968     HOW 130  
The Book of Trades and Useful Arts 1811 Part 1   Hurley, B HOW 131  
Occupational Sources for Genealogists   Raymond, S HOW 132  
Archive Office of Tasmania Tasmania Watson/Chick HOW 133 Index to research articles in FH publications
Where Did I Read That?   Vincent,L HOW 134  
      HOW 136  
      HOW 137 sources for family history
      HOW 138 index to journals in GSV library
Searchlight Victoria Hooper, L HOW 139 a guide to Victorian land records 1836-1983
The Lands Manual Victoria Cabena, P HOW 140  
Genealogical Handbook of German ResearchVol 1     HOW 141 a history of social welfare in SA
Rations, Residences and Resources South Australia Dickey, Brian HOW 142  
Research of Welsh Ancestry Wales Hamilton/Edwards HOW 143  
Tracing Your Family History in Australia Australia Vine Hall, Nick HOW 144  
Insights into SA History(vol 1) South Australia Nichols/Samuels HOW 145  
Insights into SA History(vol 2) South Australia Harmstorf, I A HOW 146  
Dictionary of Old Trades and Occupations   Twining, A & S HOW 147  
Dates & Calendars for the Genealogist   Webb, Clifford HOW 148  
      HOW 149 1881-1895
A list of Parishes in Boyd's Marriage Index     HOW 150  
Victorian Sources for British Ancestry England Carter, Jenny HOW 151 1836-1859
Bendigo Advertiser Personal Notices Vol 1 1854/80 Victoria B M Jackman HOW 152 Vol 1-5
Bendigo Advertiser Personal Notices Vol 2 1881/95 Victoria B M Jackman HOW 153 1860-1865
Bendigo Advertiser Personal Notices Vol 3 1896/1910 Victoria B M Jackman HOW 154 1866-1870
How to Trace Your Scottish Ancestors Scotland Reakes, Janet HOW 159 1866-1870
How to Trace Your German Ancestors (2) Germany Mutzelburg, O HOW 160  
How to Trace Your Convict Ancestors   Reakes, Janet HOW 161  
How to Trace Your Missing Ancestors  (2)   Reakes, Janet HOW 162  
How to Write Your Family Story   Reakes, Janet HOW 163  
Short Cuts and Money Saving Ideas for Genealogy   Reakes, Janet HOW 164  
How to Use Parish Registers-Aust & British Isles Australia, British Isles Reakes, Janet HOW 165  
Census and Musters Australia, British Isles Reakes, Janet HOW 166  
How to Use the IGI and Wills   Reakes, Janet HOW 167  
My Ancestor Was Scottish Scotland Reakes, Janet HOW 168  
He Must Have Swum   Reakes, Janet HOW 169  
The Last Laugh   Reakes, Janet HOW 170  
Strathclyde Sources   Miller, Susan HOW 171  
A Guide to Affiliated Historical Societies of WA Western Aust Foster, Diane HOW 172  
      HOW 173  
A History of Germany Germany McLelland's James HOW 174  
      HOW 175 1896-1910
Irish FHS Directory of Parish Registers 1997 Ireland   HOW 178  
Marriage and Census Indexes British Isles Gibson,J/Medlycott, M HOW 179  
Local Census Listings 1522-1930 British Isles Gibson,J/Medlycott, M HOW 180  
Guide to London & Middlesex British Isles Webb, Cliff HOW 181  
A Guide to Middlesex Parish Documents British Isles Webb, Cliff HOW 182  
Scottish Roots Scotland James, Alwyn HOW 183  
Current Publications by Member Societies British Isles Hampson, Elizabeth HOW 184  
In & Around Record Repositories Gr Britain & Ireland Cole, J/Church, R HOW 185  
Tracing Your Ancestors in the Public Record Office British Isles Bevan, A /Duncan, A HOW 186  
Ancestors in Archives       HOW 187  
Tracking Ancestors Lavers, Anne HOW 188
Scottish Roots Guide Salwyn James HOW 189
The Ancestor Trail in Ireland Ireland Donald F Begley HOW 190
      HOW 191
  HOW 192
How to trace your irish Ancestors Ireland Reakes, Janet HOW 193
  HOW 194
FAHS Heritage:  A guide for historical societies Australia HOW 195
A Parish finder for England Parishes Graham Jaunay HOW 196
11th Australasian Congress on Genealogy & Heraldy Darwin Tomlinson Digger HOW 197
South Australian registration districts of B D & M South Australia Beryl E Schahinger HOW 198
Finding Families: Guide to National Archives HOW 199
My ancestors were in the Salvation Army Salvation Army HOW 200
Henderson's Australian families: A genealogical record Australia HOW 201
Digging for Diggers: Guide to research Australian Soldiers 1914-1918 Australia HOW 202
Occupational records in Australia Australia HOW 203
Nosological index 1863: Staff & Registers Victoria HOW 204
The family and local handbook British Isles HOW 205
How to trace your Military ancestors Military HOW 206
Bibliography of Australian family history  (2) HOW 207
Forgotten industries: The brickworks of Eden Hills HOW 208
Concise encyclapedia of Heraldry Guy C Rothery HOW 209
Gold Australia Australia Crago Tony HOW 210
Guide to Registers Devon & Cornwall 1538 - 1837 Devon & Cornwall Peskett Hugh HOW 211
Family History & Local History Goldfields  Western Australia HOW 212
A Guide to Austarlian Folklore Australia Davey G / Seal G HOW 213
History & Genalogy 2011 Australia & N Z Phillips A & Kopittke R HOW 214
Sewerage Records Australia Zada Susie HOW 215
Locating Your German Ancestor's Place of Origin Germany Kopittke Eric HOW 216
Resource Directory for Victoria Victoria Hicks Shauna HOW 217
My Ancestor was an Agricultural Labourer England Waller Ian H HOW 218
Writing a Family History Made Very Easy Australia Kyle Noeline HOW 219
Writing interesting Family Histories Baxter Carol HOW 220
My Ancestors were Baptists England Breed Geoffrey R HOW 221
Sorbs / Wends of Lusatia- The Unknown Immigrants Hall B, Noack J, Senff H HOW 222
James McClellands N S W 1728-1986 New South Wales HOW 223
Adventures of Clio Donovan Peter HOW 224
Brick Wall Busters HOW 225
The Essential Guide Before 1837 HOW 226
Cornish Place Names explained England HOW 227
The family and local History handbook  13 England HOW 228
Living on the Web for Dummies  Australian  Geoff Ebbs  HOW 229
Tracing Your Family History Online for Dummies Australian  Matthew L & April Helm HOW  230